Sostenibilidad en AS-Motor

As one of the leading manufacturers of professional-grade mowing machines, AS-Motor is committed to sustainability. Our robust mowers are built to last a lifetimeAS-Motor embraces the ethos of repairing rather than replacing with most spare stocked parts for 30 years or more. Our dedication to quality translates not only to operator satisfaction, but also less consumer waste.

Socialmente comprometido

AS-Motor has been a family enterprise for nearly 60 years and is built on the foundation of our local community. In partnership with the Samariterstiftung Fränkische Werkstätten Obersontheim (Samaritan Foundation – Franconian Workshops, Obersontheim) AS-Motor has integrated the disabled into our workforce since 2012. In recent years AS-Motor has hired and integrated several Syrian refugees in manufacturing and engineering positions.

Reciclable y amigable con los recursos

Constructed with over 99% recyclable steel and metal parts, AS-Motor develops and manufactures its devices in a resource-friendly manner. Other design considerations include the elimination of superfluous parts, plastics except when absolutely necessary, and lightweight construction that delivers efficient power.

Proveedores regionales certificados

A dedication to our machines’ long service life begins with AS-Motor selecting materials that meet the most rigorous of quality standards. We procure 70% of our parts from certified regional suppliers which have the added benefit of short delivery paths. AS-Motor is certified in accordance with ISO, DPLF and ANSI regulations.

Eficiencia innovadora

AS-Motor is 100% Made in Germany. High vertical integration and modern assembly principles such as lean management are deployed in targeted, efficient production methods that minimise waste. Sustainability continues to guide the planning and development of our new products, with research focused on low- and emission-free engines as well as autonomous units for high grass mowing.